Benefits of Having a Massage Therapy with a Physiotherapist

Benefits of Having a Massage Therapy with a Physiotherapist

These days, many people visit physiotherapists for different purposes like improving their physical health, treating physical injuries, boosting the healing time, etc. Physiotherapists are educated professionals who know how to deal with different physical problems and take care of patient’s health at the same time. You may visit a physiotherapist to relieve pain in a specific part of your body or prevent such problems. Depending on your condition and needs, your physiotherapist can set a personalized treatment plan to maximize your results. Our experienced physiotherapists at Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic are ready to help you with the most suitable treatment plans that can meet your needs perfectly. Many physiotherapists consider massage therapy a vital step in their patient’s treatment plans. The massage therapy you experience during your physiotherapy sessions is entirely different from a regular spa massage. Your physiotherapist knows how to move their hands to rehabilitate muscles and joint strength, function and mobility. It explains how massage therapy can optimize your healing period. Continue reading this blog and understand the benefits of massage therapy.

Common techniques of massage therapy

  • Trigger point release: Your physiotherapist can identify specific areas of your body to apply indirect pressure. These areas can get triggered, and other soft tissues around them will get relaxed.
  • Soft tissue massage: Your physiotherapist can direct physical pressure on the soft tissues and muscles of your body. By using this technique, you can break up muscle knots and restore function and flexibility.
  • Active release technique: This technique is mainly used to relieve the pain if a specific part of your body is injured.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Your physiotherapist may use massage therapy as an essential part of your treatment plan as it significantly benefits your body and brain. Here are some benefits of PT massage you should know:

  • Improve posture: If you want to be healthier and more flexible, you must continue massage therapy sessions. As a result, muscles and joints can move more freely.
  • Improve immune system: As researches show, massage therapy can increase the number of white blood cells, strengthening your immune system.
  • Improve mood: Massage therapy can be significantly helpful in reducing stress and making you mentally stable. It’s highly recommended to patients with traumatic experiences like car accidents to improve their sense of emotional well-being.
  • Improve circulation: The blood flow will be improved throughout your body, especially in the massaged areas.

Frequently asked questions about massage therapy

  • Can I try massage therapy at home?

You can ask a friend or a family member to give you a massage. It makes you feel relaxed, but it’s not as effective as what your physiotherapist can do for you. Some physiotherapists provide at-home services so you can experience professional massage therapy without leaving your house.

Massage Therapy with a Physiotherapist
  • Is massage therapy enough to treat the injury?

The answer is no! Massage therapy and other physiotherapy services, like custom orthotics, personalized exercise plans, etc., should be done together to give you the best possible results.

Visit a physiotherapist to understand whether massage therapy is a good option for you!

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