Custom Orthotics: When Do You Need Them

Custom Orthotics

Your body health is one of the most major things you have to pay attention to. Without a healthy body, you won’t be able to handle your daily takes and can’t enjoy your life the way you should. However, some incidents are unavoidable, and your body may be misaligned, hurt, or injured due to many different reasons. It’s important to understand what your body is telling you to treat such conditions in the best way possible. Our skilled physiotherapists at Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic can help you discover what your body demands and keep it in the best shape possible. Starting physiotherapy sessions can cause great changes in your life and make you feel happier. Physiotherapists use different techniques and appliances, like custom orthotics, to treat physical conditions. Custom orthotics can be really useful in addressing common foot concerns and bringing patients relief. Today’s blog explains signs that say it’s time to visit a physiotherapist to get custom orthotics.

Your feet are flat or high arch.

It’s important to wear custom orthotics if you have flat or high arch feet. Such conditions can bring you pain and lead to other serious issues like calluses, foot pain, and ankle instability. Your feet can be improved by orthotics because they relieve pressure on the arch.

Your lower limb is injured.

If you have experienced an injury to your lower limb recently, you can visit our North York chiropractor or physiotherapist as soon as you can. These injuries can impact the way you walk negatively and put damaging pressure on your feet. Furthermore, you will see your body misaligned later if you don’t pay attention to your injured lower limb at the right time. Custom orthotics can reduce the chance of further injury and lessen your pain.

You suffer from foot pain.

It’s important to visit a physiotherapist if you feel foot pain or swelling for more than a few days. It becomes even more serious if you still feel pain and discomfort doing your normal things like walking around or standing. Your physiotherapist may refer you to an experienced massage therapist besides your special treatment plan. They detect the main cause of your discomfort to see how they can create the most suitable treatment plan.

You feel your body isn’t balanced.

If you have balance problems or fall over sometimes, visiting your physiotherapist is a must. It’s a common problem, especially in older patients, that can lead to serious flat-feet-related balance problems. Your physiotherapist may suggest custom orthotics, acupuncture treatment, and many other techniques to help you regain your balance.

You feel sharp heel pain.

If you feel very bothering pain in your heel, it can be an indication of plantar facilities. Your experienced physiotherapist may use custom orthotics to treat this condition. In such cases, orthotics can alleviate your pain and improve the health of your feet. It serves as a shock absorber and is really susceptible to inflammation if you spend a lot of time standing.

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