Eligible Candidates for Acupuncture Services

In general speaking, acupuncture therapy refers to the process of inserting several thin and sterile needles into certain parts of the body to deal with several health issues. This traditional treatment can gradually relieve your body pain and help you manage a wide range of other complications. However, it should be noted the exact way in which acupuncture works to bring health benefits still remains unclear. Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic is well-reputed for working with highly skilled practitioners dedicated to helping you manage your chronic pain and return to your routine physical activities without undergoing surgical treatments or taking medication. In this blog, we provide useful information for those who prefer to learn more about acupuncture treatment and how it works. How Acupuncture Works? This exceptional treatment that has roots in traditional Chinese medicine has become popular in recent years. Therefore, nowadays, many people who suffer from unbearable body pain will schedule a time to see a professional acupuncturist and take the following benefits:
  • It is possible to combine acupuncture therapy with other treatments to speed up recovery time
  • It is proven that acupuncture has the potential to deal with chronic body pain and unbearable headaches
  • The risk of further side effects is eliminated
  • It can effectively manage numerous health issues at once
  • Acupuncture can improve your blood sugar level and control your diabetes
Uses Those who have already received acupuncture services state this exceptional Chinese medicine can effectively manage numerous conditions, including knee pain, neck pain, unbearable headaches, and back pain. However, there are other beneficial treatments like physiotherapy or professional massage services can make significant changes to reduce your pain. Besides, recent studies have shown that acupuncture is ideal for treating nausea. During the initial visit, your knowledgeable and sophisticated acupuncturists will accurately examine your condition to determine if acupuncture is the most suitable decision to address the pain. Then they will accurately insert some sterile needles into various parts of your body. Since these needles are skinny, you won’t experience any pain or bleeding. Generally, the needles should remain in place for about 60 minutes. However, it may vary from person to person. Possible Risks & Side Effects As discussed previously, acupuncture falls in the category of low-risk treatments; therefore, there’s a small or even no chance of experiencing life-threatening health issues. You are more susceptible to experiencing some drawbacks if your practitioners use dirty needles or insert them into incorrect locations or improper depth. That’s why it is important to spend enough time finding reputable acupuncture practitioners who combine their expertise with modern techniques and strategies to prevent all possible side effects straightforwardly. Some possible risks and complications are as follows:
  • Needles may cause damage to the surrounding parts and structures, like blood vessels.
  • Some rare cases may experience excessive bleeding
  • Dirty needles may increase the risk of infection
  • Some cases are prone to experience allergic reactions
Acupuncture Therapy VS. Massage Therapy Although both beneficial treatments are recommended to relieve pain in different parts of the body, their mechanisms are entirely different. In contrast with an acupuncturist who can relieve your pain by inserting needles around your body, a massage therapist will stimulate painful tissues to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

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