Fujiko Omori

Massage therapist


Fuji graduated from Kikkawa college and received her diploma in 2021. She wanted to follow her career path since she previously worked as a massage therapist in Japan and Australia for a total of 10 years.  She started to build her career as an esthetician and provide clients with facial treatments, Cupping, relaxation massages including hot stone and aromatherapy. Soon, she was interested in not only relaxation, but increasing client’s range of motion and pain relief. Since then, She has studied shiatsu, reflexology and sports massage in Japan.

Fuji is passionate about reducing trigger points which is very important for a client’s recovery. Her treatment is a combination of fascial release techniques, trigger points release, stretching and various techniques of Swedish massage.

Fuji strongly believes that every single person needs a massage and she is proud of supporting each client’s well-being. In being a Massage therapist, It’s important to keep learning and improving own skills constantly. She appreciates the challenge her work environment offers me on a daily basis, working directly with clients and relieving their pains and stiffness.