How Can Physiotherapy Reduce the Knee Pain?

One of the common problems that most older people experience is knee pain. You may feel severe sharp pain around your knee when you run, walk or even stand, which is frustrating if it’s continuous. Fortunately, many methods exist to relieve and treat knee pain and care for your physical health. One of the most popular ways to eliminate knee pain is visiting an experienced physiotherapist. The treatments provided by a physiotherapist can significantly help you with knee pain and other physical traumas. Our professionals at Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic are always ready to offer patients the most suitable treatment plans to feel comfortable with their bodies and eliminate pain and discomfort. Most physiotherapists have adequate knowledge and education about body movements and function and are also well-equipped to help you in your healing time. If you have suffered from knee pain for years, it’s highly recommended to visit a physiotherapist, as they know how to help you in the best way possible. Continue to read this article if you want more information about physiotherapy and its effects on knee pain.


What Are the Common Causes of Knee Pain?

Knee pain can affect your tendons, meniscus, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and sometimes your lower back and hip joint. If you feel pain around your knees, there are several possible causes. Sports trauma is usually the cause of knee injuries, including:

  • Kicking
  • Sudden direction changes
  • Twisting
  • Rapid deceleration or acceleration

Other common causes of knee pain are childhood physical traumas such as:

  • Kicking
  • High volumes of running
  • Squatting
  • Repetitive jumping and landing

Other causes of knee injuries are related to aging. Fortunately, you can treat knee injuries by having continuous physiotherapy sessions over time.

How Can a Physiotherapist Help You with Your Knee Pain?

First, your physiotherapist needs a full assessment to determine the causes of your knee pain and your general well-being. They must carefully check your balance, flexibility and strength to schedule the most suitable treatment plan. One of the most effective techniques to treat knee injuries is soft tissue massage, which helps relieve joint stiffness or muscle tightness. Some beneficial exercises are also recommended, but you may need to wear a knee brace to provide your body some extra support and offload the structures. Another popular item that physiotherapists recommend is special orthotics that you need to wear to correct your foot posture and help your lower limb alignment.

How Is Exercising Effective on Knee Pain?

Unfortunately, many patients think exercising is enough to eliminate knee pain and that other physiotherapy techniques aren’t essential. Although exercising is one of the most effective ways to help with pain in the knee, it’s not enough. Your physiotherapist will prescribe exercises designed for your needs. These exercises are helpful, but other techniques, including acupuncture sessions or massage therapy, are still needed to boost the treatment process.

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