How Massage Therapy Can Complement Physical Therapy?

How Massage Therapy Can Complement Physical Therapy?

Regarding physical injury, physiotherapy is the first thing that comes to mind as the perfect solution. There are different branches of physiotherapy designed for a variety of chronic and acute injuries. It’s necessary to understand which type of treatment plan can suit your condition and meet your needs in the best way possible. The key to experiencing the best treatment process is to understand the differences between types of provided physical therapies and design a customized mixture of different approaches. Here at Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic, our experts are ready to offer you all different kinds of needed treatments, and they can design you a personal plan according to your needs, budget, and health condition. An important and effective method many physiotherapists choose to restore patients’ mobility and strength is massage therapy. In general, massage therapy relieves muscle tension, pain, and spasms to bring you back to your optimal health condition. Unfortunately, many patients still can’t understand the importance and effects of massage therapy as a part of physical treatment and how it can complement the healing progress. If you still don’t know how massage therapy can benefit you with the combination of physical therapy, this blog is right for you.

What can a physiotherapist do?

If you experience any physical restrictions, you have to visit a skilled physiotherapist as soon as possible. Physiotherapists are experienced experts that can design a personalized treatment empowering you through health education, regular exercise, and lifestyle modification. Those who choose to have regular physiotherapy sessions are looking for lifelong healthy alternations or are suffering from severe physical injuries. If you still struggle with complications of a car accident or sports injury, it’s highly recommended to visit a physiotherapist as soon as you can. In fact, professional physical therapy is highly suggested by surgeons, doctors, medical officers, and sports coaches.

What can a massage therapist do?

While physiotherapy is focused on improving your body responses according to diagnoses, massage therapy works as an amazing complementary. For instance, many physiotherapists refer their patients to professional and experienced massage therapists on a regular basis to enhance the healing process and boost recovery time. Furthermore, massage therapy is significantly helpful to peace of mind and can calm your mental state, in particular after a traumatic event. Some massage therapists may offer acupuncture services as well, but they should be highly qualified and skilled.

How is massage therapy connected to physiotherapy?

After experiencing physical trauma to your body, the blood circulation around the injured area will be decreased. Therefore, it’s important to keep the blood flow constant through massage therapy and physiotherapy if you want your damaged muscles to recover as soon as possible. For instance, your physiotherapist may determine custom orthotics as the best way to correct your walking posture and restore your leg strength. In that case, you may be referred to a professional to get massage therapy focused on your lower body to boost your progress.

Once massage therapy gets combined with physiotherapy, many different kinds of pain and discomfort will be relieved. You can visit our professionals if you need a personal consultation and more valid information!

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