Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Class IV laser therapy is a non invasive treatment method that uses near infrared beams of laser light to deliver energy to the cells. Laser therapy helps to reduce inflammation and swelling within tissue and stimulate cellular growth and repair.

Laser therapy has been used over fifty years in clinical practice. The clinical application of laser therapy has been well documented in physiotherapy research. Level 4 laser therapy delivers more energy per unit of time than low level laser (LLT) or cold laser therapy to the tissue therefore, it induces better therapeutic effects within the tissue.

Studies are showing that Laser therapy increases ATP production at the cellular level. This means more energy for faster healing. It also facilitates oxygen release within the tissue that helps to reduce inflammation and pain reduction.

Laser treatment is painless and effective. There are many studies showing that when laser therapy is used in addition to other physiotherapy treatments such as Dry needling, manual therapy, myofascial release, active release techniques and joint manipulation it facilitates healing and shortens duration of treatment. Therefore, patients achieved better treatment outcomes.

A whiplash injury, that usually happens in car accidents, is a soft tissue injury to the neck. If you have been in a car accident and have strained your neck or your back, the ligaments in your spine might have microscopic tears. Laser therapy is one of the best physiotherapy treatments that can be used to reduce neck and back stiffness and help to heal the injured ligaments.

Studies are showing that laser therapy is a very effective physiotherapy modality to treat jaw pain (TMJ disorders). Class IV laser therapy is shown to reduce TMJ pain. When this treatment is used in addition to manual therapy and exercises, it helps to increase mouth opening, reduce clicking and pain in patients with TMJ disorders.

Laser therapy can also help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). If you are experiencing pain, tingling or numbness in some of your fingers or in your hand, there might be some pressure on the nerves that travel to your hand in your wrist, forearm, underarm or your neck. Class IV laser therapy is one of the best physiotherapy treatments to reduce inflammation around the nerves and heal the injured soft tissues to reduce tingling and numbness of your hand.

Our physiotherapists are experienced in helping people with various conditions such as:

chronic painful conditions

neck and back pain

headaches or jaw pain

shoulder pain

knee injuries

Plantar Fasciitis

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