What Are the Differences Between Physiotherapists and Chiropractors?

Differences Between Physiotherapists and Chiropractors

Physical injury and pain can disturb your everyday routines and make you feel depressed or anxious. Therefore, it’s important to seek suitable treatments according to your condition to regain your physical health and enjoy your moments. It’s highly recommended to visit our experts at Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic if you feel pain in specific parts of your body but don’t know how to manage such conditions. Physiotherapists and chiropractors are two groups of physical specialists that can help you enhance your body’s strength and restore mobility using non-invasive methods. Their goals are to help patients feel better after an injury and eliminate their pain and discomfort. The main difference between these two specialists is the techniques and methods they usually use. If you suffer from a physical injury and don’t know what to do, you can visit an experienced chiropractor or physiotherapist to restore your body health. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two to make the wisest decision according to your needs. You can read this blog to learn more about the differences between a physiotherapist and a chiropractor.

Physiotherapists vs. Chiropractors

As mentioned, their goals are similar, as both want to help patients move better with minimum pain after an injury. Typically, visiting an experienced chiropractor is helpful if you suffer from back or neck pain. They can assess your physical condition to create a suitable treatment plan in order to improve mobility. On the other hand, visiting an experienced physiotherapist is a good idea if you have lost your functional mobility. At our clinic, North York physiotherapists can aid you in enhancing your physical abilities to perform everyday tasks and activities.

What to Expect from Physiotherapy

When you visit a physiotherapist for the first time, they ask you some important questions about your condition, needs, and problems. Your physiotherapist assesses your physical statement and creates a custom treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include professional massage sessions, home exercises, joint mobilizations, etc. Physiotherapists can also visit you at your home if it’s impossible to visit them at their clinic. If you have difficulty walking, they can create appliances like customized orthotics to help you restore your balance and functional mobility.

What to Expect from Chiropractic

It’s recommended to visit an experienced chiropractor if you suffer from back or neck pain. They ask you important questions, like if you have experienced severe injuries like a car accident, what your symptoms are, and your ultimate goals. Then, they examine your physical condition and perform tests to evaluate your body strength, mobilization, and balance. As mentioned, chiropractors mainly focus on treating issues associated with spinal and peripheral joints.

How to Choose

Nobody knows your needs better than you. Therefore, it’s important to consider all factors and gain enough information in order to make the best decision. Typically, visiting a chiropractor is beneficial if you suffer from spinal conditions. On the other hand, physiotherapists offer a wider range of treatments like acupuncture procedure or massage. It’s better to visit an experienced physiotherapist if you have trouble moving due to peripheral joint pain, sports injuries, or surgery.

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