What Are the Most Effective Physiotherapy Approaches?

Depending on the specific problems you are experiencing, you may need different ways and approaches to physiotherapy treatments. Many people struggle with physical traumas and issues affecting their movement, strength, balance and general well-being. There is a wide range of different physiotherapy treatments, but not all of them can be suitable for you and your condition. Here at Yonge Cummer Rehabilitation Clinic, many experienced physiotherapists are ready to guide you if you don’t know which physiotherapy treatments can effectively help you with your problems. Your physiotherapist needs to perform a complete examination of your body and check everything required to gain information about your physical health and issues. After the first appointment and assessment, your physiotherapist has all the required information to schedule the most appropriate treatment plan for you. All you need to do is cooperate and follow your plan, just like your physiotherapist explained. Your treatment plan may include different physiotherapy methods to boost the recovery time. Here we list three main approaches to physiotherapy treatments if you are curious.

Effective Physiotherapy Approaches

Personalized exercises and movements are an essential part of your treatment plan. These exercises are designed by your physiotherapist to enhance your body function and mobility. Some activities need to be done during physiotherapy classes, but some are easier, and you can do them at home.

  • Aquatic therapy – warm and shallow water can be significantly beneficial as it helps relax and support your muscles and joints. Some exercises were carried out in warm water to be more effective.
  • Exercises for a specific part of your body – your physiotherapist will design special exercises to help the damaged part of your body. These exercises must be done repeatedly, and you need to be patient.
  • Full body activities – these exercises are excellent, especially if you are recovering from an operation.
  • Providing mobility aids – depending on your physical condition, your physiotherapist may give you some helpful aids like foot orthotics or walking sticks to boost your body function.

Manual Therapy

An important physiotherapy approach is the manual techniques to manipulate, mobilize and massage the damaged tissues. Your physiotherapist knows how to use their hands to affect your bones, joints and muscles in a good way. Your treatment plan may include massage therapy sessions which are significantly beneficial as they will lower your stress, improve your sleep quality, and enhance your body condition.

Manual Therapy

Other Effective Techniques

Besides manual therapy and exercises, there are other techniques your physiotherapist may use to help you with your problems.

  • Acupuncture – your acupuncturist or physiotherapist will insert fine needles into specific parts of your body in order to reduce your pain.
  • Ultrasound – in case of deep sound injuries, your physiotherapist may use high-frequency sound waves to stimulate body circulation and cell activity.
  • TENS – your body nerves will be stimulated electrically with the aim of relieving pain.

If you feel physiotherapy treatments are what you need, don’t waste time and contact your physiotherapist today!

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